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2012-08-15 ACC kids win their first soccer match in style

By Keith Ng (Head of ACC Malawi´╝ëand football group at ACC

Football is the most favorite sport of the children of Malawi and not only the players love it but also the children who cannot play are keen to watch. Recently the goals for the football playground of our center have been put in place of which the football players were eagerly waiting for a contest, hence we invited the neighboring football team from Yasin School to play a game with us. This is the first football contest we hosted and the kids were very excited about it. Here is a short article describing the atmosphere of the match:

football_1.jpg football_2.jpg

The atmosphere rang with the sound of the vuvuzela that spread loud and clear across the soccer field, and along with it were melodies of beautiful Malawian songs. Endure in this sphere one would imagine the place as one of the matches in 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa, yet it is just a local football game that were been held on the campus of Amitofo Care Centre (Malawi). Although it is a local game yet the performance of the match is highly professional and the excitment was no less than the matches played in the World Cup.

Both teams’ worn neat uniforms and their spirits were uproar by the spectators; it is a game that neither team would take lightly on. The game started off rough with each player on either team trying desperately to gain possession of the ball and turn it into a goal to get the pressure off their backs.

In the end the score was 14:1; a win for the ACC team. Although this score may seem that ACC had an easy game but that was not the case; the game was rough, each player had to concentrate, and as the game went on the flow and passes for the ACC team improved. Maybe it was because they were playing at home ground, or even the chant by the spectators; no matter what the reason was, the players brought such a skillful performance onto the field and turned it into goals. It was a truly marvelous game on a Saturday afternoon.