Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2012-09-15 "I love mom and dad. We are one big family"


A visitor from Taiwan took this picture when she visited ACC Swaziland recently, and she had the following to share:

"I took this picture when I visited the Amitofo Care Centre in Swaziland, as part of a "African life experiecne tour" which I was on. When I was there, the Chinese teacher asked the kids to demonstrate their Chinese proficiency. These kids are currently at the beginners' class and they have only learnt Chinese for only 10 months, so I found it quite amazing that they can already understand many Chinese characters and write them out accurately.

When they picked up a chalk and started writing "I love mom and dad. We are one big family", I was so emotinally touched! Perhaps the kids don't fully understand the meaning behind what they just wrote, but I could see the effort and patience which the teacher has put into this, and I truly admire and respect this.

Based on what I saw and experienced, I sincerely believe that they will grow up in happiness and absorb valuable learning that will help them in becoming the custodians of the Chinese heritage on this continent."