Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2012-12-29 Wan Yue and ACC Appreciation Tour 2012

Here is an article from the media that relates to one of the ACC kids, Wan Yue, who recently visited Taiwan as part of the annual ACC Appreciation Tour.


"There are so much lights in Taiwan!", said Wan Yue, one of the kids at ACC. She was once an orphan who did not have the love and care she needed, but thanks to the kindness and compassion of the donors from the East, she can now lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. She was recently given the opportunity to visit Taiwan where I had the pleasure of meeting with her. She said to me,"Taiwan is so well developed! There are lights and water for everyone - unlike Malawi where power cut occurs frequently and sometimes we have to live without lights for a week!"

Wan Yue and a few other ACC kids recently visited Taiwan as part of the annual ACC Appreciation Tour, where the kids get to meet their donors and show their appreciation by showcasing what they have learnt at ACC. Furthermore the kids also get to interact with the kids in Taiwan with the aim to promote cultural exchange that benefits both groups of kids. When asked about her hobbies, Wan Yue said she enjoys playing the African drum because the beat of the drum always brings people to their feet and motivates them to start singing and dancing. More important, it brings joy and happiness to those who may not always have the resources they need to lead an enriching life.

Wan Yue said she feels very grateful for the donors' support which gave her the chance to learn new things such as Chinese, martial art and even the Taiwanese dialect which she finds quite interesting. She added that the ACC kids not only have to learn the basic subjects at school such as English, Maths and Science, but also basic agriculture because the locals mostly rely on farming for their livelihoods and therefore it is very important for the kids to learn this life-skill.

During the cultural exchang activities, the Taiwanese kids told Wan Yue that they really like the braids on her head, and she told them that her friend braided it for her within an hour. She then quickly did a few braids for the Taiwanese girls who were really impressed by this cool hairstyle. Wan Yue told them that Malawi has water shortage issues so she is keeping her short for convenience' sake, but she would like to have long hair one day.

When asked about her dream, she said,"I want to become the Malawian president one day because in the tribe where I was born, there are still many orphans and people infected with HIV and AIDS who are not being taken care of. If I become the president, I will be able to help them just like the way I was being helped by ACC."