Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2013-05-13 ACC Swaziland supports for GOGO NDE


18 years ago the Queen of Swaziland Hlatikulu helped develop the GOGO NDE orphanage home which was founded by a lady called Make Simelane. Make is a devoted Christian who suffers from mobility impairment, but despite her disability she continued to help and support many others unconditionally. There are sixteen children in her orphanage home but it also supports about 180 orphanages through donation. Her orphanage home relies on her pension, state subsidies and also income from their agricultural produce. Make wishes that all the children in her community can maintain good health, receive quality education and realise their full potential under the guidance of Christian ethics and values. 


In Africa, there are many others like Make Simelane who is patiently planting the seed of hope and prosperity for the kids in Africa. As ACC is also care centre who serves the same purpose, we decided to support GOGO NDE and donated over five hundred pieces of clothing to them. While we were there, we listened to Make’s story about why she decided to start GOGO NDE. She said that her husband, brothers and sisters all passed away, leaving behind many kids without parents. She decided to take on the responsibility of taking care of them, and soon she started taking care of other kids as well which resulted in the start of orphanage home. In Africa, there are many parents who pass away at an early age, leaving many kids behind with their grandparents. This highlights that education is critical in breaking this cycle, as it would help people realise the importance of health, ethics and morality.


Just before we departed, Make Simelane sang for us as a sign of appreciation. Reflecting on this visit, we would like send our blessing to all the Bodhisattvas who are making a significant yet often unseen contributions to the people of Africa.