Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2013-09-30 Acc kids visit Singapore

Here is a great article from Qing Yun who spent some time with the ACC kids while they were visiting Singapore:


July 2013  - I was supposed to visit a friend oversea but for various reasons I could not go. Nonetheless I ended up doing something much more meaningful. I found out that four ACC kids were in Singapore at the time so I made a plan to meet up with them. I ended up travelling with them to different schools which turned out to be a very joyful and memorable experience.

Although the ACC kids are still small, they have big dreams and ambitions. When I asked them about the purpose of this trip, one of the kids said: “I want to learn from the kids here and also let them learn more about Malawi”. Even though they have yet to realise their full potential, they are working very hard towards the betterment of their lives with the hope that they can change their lives and the fate of their countries. The 16-year-old Ah Wen, for example, wants to become a president one day. I was deeply touched by this because his goal is not only self-serving but to help others in need as well.

Malawi is one of the smallest countries in Africa and also one of the least developed. A large number of people live below the poverty line which partially contributes to the low life expectancy of only 37 years old. For me, this is absurd – when I was 37, I started my second job, I could dream, and I could even act silly at times. But for them, age 37 might be the end.

I would like to sincerely thank the ACC for inviting me to help them in their visit. On the surface it might seem as if I have helped them, but in actual fact they have helped me gain something valuable in the process. I was also touched by the staff and volunteers who passionately took care of the kids. From planning, organising to leading activities, they always do things wholeheartedly and find joy and pride in whatever they do. I enjoy every moment I spent with them simply because of the love and kindness they showed towards others.

I was certainly enlightened by this experience. Initially I was anxious about something that happened the week before, but after hearing the kids sing a song called “Stay Calm” during a radio interest, I felt much calmer. Sometimes things are meant to happen, so this song was meant to be heard by me. It helped me realise that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that calmness brings comforts!

I feel so grateful of this experience – I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ah Um who wants to become a pilot; Ah Wen who wants to become a president; and Wan En and Wan Mu who want to become doctors one day! I am sure that your dreams will come true!