Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2013-10-01 ACC Lesotho gets computers


Nowadays, it is a global village and technology is updated constantly. Even so, there are many needy African countries that lack information technology (IT) which put them in a disadvantaged position. .  

The Taiwanese company, Admiral Oversea Corporation (AOC) understand the digital divide between the rich and the poor and therefore contribute aggressively to global welfare relating to IT. They hope that resources can go to the people in need. In the middle of July, 2013, AOC contacted Amitofo Care Centre and expressed their interest in donating a batch of secondhand computers to Africa.  

Due to the shortage of information technology in Africa, this donation is like rain to a drought. The president of Lesotho Amitofo Care Centre, Mrs. Lu is very grateful for the donation as she has been longing for a chance to let children learn basic computer skills and become one of their skills, so that these children can see the world through technology.

Amitofo Care Centre deeply appreciate the kindness of AOC and its factory Top Victory Electronics where employees in spent over one month refurbishing these 50 sets of PC. In addition, AOC had to deal with complicated procedures to transport container from China to Africa which proved to be a difficult task. However, they overcame all challenges because they were determined to get these computers to those in need.

We at ACC would like to take this opportunity to thank AOC once again for thier generous and meaningful contribution to the centre.