Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2014-01-07 ACC kid one step closer to his Doctor dream


Qing-Qiang is a 12 year-old kid from Swaziland. In the picture he is wearing a Doctor's gown with his name on it and demonstrating various medical procedures. Qing-Qiang was raised by his grandmother because his mother passed away when he was still very small, after which he has never seen his father again. Qing-Qiang's career aspiration was to become a soldier for his country as a way to avoid hunger, but he later realsied that he can help others by becoming a doctor.

Giving kids opportunities is like giving them hope and a future. With this mind, a hospital in Taiwan together with Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) and TVBS Foundation arranged an event where over 30 kids - comprising of kids from rural villages in Taiwan and the ACC kids from Swaziland - participated in a small medical camp where they were taught what it means to be a doctor.

The CEO of the hospital, Chi-Hung Wu, has been supporting many medical teams that focus on Africa hence he understands the kind of poverty and health issues on the continent. Swaziland, for instance, is half the size of Taiwan and life expectany is at a low 41.4 years old. Furthermore over 70% of the population in Swaziland live below the global poverty line and 30% of children have nutritional deficiency and other illnesses due to food shortages.
Wu said the medical camp were organised around basic hygiene such as washing hands and brushing teeth which can benefit many others if the kids also spread the knowledge. Through the interesting exercises in the camps, the kids built foundational knowledge on basic hygiene and were awarded a certificate for the effort.

One of the teachers at the camp said it was very touching to see how these kdis from two continents helped each other and acted as a team in the camp. These kids have certainly led by example by showing people how to do good things together.