Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism



Elephant's footprint now on app store

ACC at Swaziland Tourism Fair

Cultural exchange with Taiwaese Kids


ACC kids meet Taichung Mayor

ACC Namibia requires contacts of metal suppliers

ACC Namibia needs employees and volunteers

ACC Photo Expo at Taiwanese university

The final leg of ACC cultural exchange tour 2015


ACC kids managed a convenient store

Lesotho's ACC kids in Taiwan

First ACC kids in university

ACC kids in South America

ACC kids travel to the Big Apple

ACC kids travel to USA for the first time

Goodwill Mission Tour kick starts with success

ACC kids spend a fun day at Taiwanese primary school

ACC Lesotho: Mother's Day and Buddha's Birthday celebration

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ACC kid one step closer to his doctor dream

Snapshots from ACC Appreciation Tour 2013/14

A video on ACC Swaziland


ACC Appreciation Tour 2013

ACC kids radio interview

ACC Lesotho gets computers

A touching piece from Singapore

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

ACC kids brought tears to people's eyes

A VERY special moment at ACC

Artwork from our talented kids

Daddy monk and ACC kids to visit eight countries

ACC Swaziland supports GOGO NDE

Master Hui Li's vision for ACC

ACC kids profile: Di Mi

New Year greetings from Master Hui Li

Snapshots from ACC Cultural Exchange Tour 2012


Wan Yue and the ACC Appreciation Tour 2012

Daddy monk: Master Hui Li

How do the ACC kids learn Chinese? Their secret is revealed...

Queen mother of Swazi King impressed by ACC

"I love mom and dad. We are one big family"

ACC Malawi wins their first soccer match in style

Singaporean teacher reflects on ACC appreciation tour 2012

ACC hosted first conference for committee members in Asia and Africa

Taiwanese president & the ACC kids in Swaziland

ACC Malawi gets another dedicated team member

ACC Lesotho celebrate Chinese classes success

ACC & CBOs need your compassion & support

'Environmental conservation' by Ben Chun


Medical check-up at ACC Malawi

The Great Compassionate Dharma function in Malawi

ACC kids shine at international Chinese proficiency contest

The opening of ACC in Swaziland

      A memorable speech by Wan Xiang

     'A Om' shares his 'Chinese story'

ACC kids to go to China to compete in Chinese!

Watch the ACC kids in some dancing actions!

 Progress update: ACC Lesotho

ACA supports donation drive at Catholic HIV & AIDS care centre

 ACC Appreciation Tour 2010 comes to an emotional end


 ACC kids at International Flora Expo

Seven containers arrived at ACC Malawi

  Winter camp at ACC in Malawi

  ACC learners shine at World Expo 2010

Master Hui Li gives inspiring lecture to youth

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 ACC magazine "Elephant's footprint" Issue 7 - Out now!

Celebration in Malawi...or Malaysia?

Amitofo Care Centre turns 6 years old


 Amitofo Care Centre on Youtube

 Venerable master Hui Li speaks to FJNet on the topic "How to learn Buddhism".