Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

Kind words from Master Hui Li to 18 ACC kids studying in Taiwan

You must keep Malawi at heart

Master Hui Li’s unconditional love has affected many kids at ACC. He not only provides the kids with livelihood skills and education but also nourishes their soul through Buddhist practices, encouraging them to become appreciative, compassionate and responsible Africans. When Master Hui Li visited Taiwan this month, he gathered the 18 kids who are now studying at universities in Taiwan and gave them some kind words of encouragement:

“Now that you are in Taiwan, you are living in an environment that is quite different from Malawi. The first challenge you have to face is Choices and Consequences. You have to learn good judgement and accountability when you are still young, so that when you get older you can take on more responsibilities. Whatever choices you make – right or wrong, good or bad – they will ultimately impact on many other people. So, I hope that whenever you have to make a choice, you can ask yourself “how best to do it? Can I do it? What implications would it have?” A leader can be from any background, so do not let the word “orphan” bring you down. When I was young, I was so poor that I didn’t even have shoes to wear, but it didn’t bother me at all. That’s why I wanted you to have martial arts training, so that you can become more resilient in the process and apply this same determination and attitude in your personal lives. If there is no pain and suffering in the world, what value and meaning do we add then? When we face challenges, we have to overcome them courageously; and when we experience calamities, we have to move forward resiliently. In our lives, we have to be tolerant and learn the gift of giving and sacrifices – this will ultimately cultivate your good karma.

Taiwan is a small island without much minerals and resources, but the Taiwanese people are not scared! We acknowledge that because we don’t have an inherent advantage, we have to work harder than others to gain an advantage. When others give 100%, we have to give 200%. We are here for the long-run, not just for short-term gains. Similarly, you have to look longer-term and make sure that you make a contribution towards your home country – Malawi. You have all experienced what poverty is really like, and you all know very well that there are many issues such as hunger, dread diseases and poor education that are associated with poverty. There are many poor Malawians whom you can relate to, so you must always keep Malawi at heart and think about how your contribution can help them and assist the country in becoming stronger, heathier and wealthier.