Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2010-01-12 Celebration in Malawi...or Malaysia?


So were they celebrating in Malawi…or Malaysia? The answer is “Both”.

While ACC Malawi was celebrating its 6th anniversary in Blantyre, the vibe was just as good in Malaysia. Some of the orphans from ACC were visiting Malaysia at that time hence it was a great opportunity for the kids to show their gratitude towards their contributors in Asia. ACC Malaysia organized a Dharma function whereby over 30 ACC orphans participated as a mean to transfer their good merits to their supporters. 

At the event, Master Hui Li (Founder of ACC) also used this opportunity to express his tremendous appreciation to all those who have contributed their unconditional and unlimited efforts to ACC.  

“I have become an international beggar!” Master said jokingly in his speech, referring to the hardship he experienced when raising funds for ACC. He said, “ACC resembles a clam shell which produces pearls through the use of sand. So the orphans enter this giant clam shell whereby they are being educated and treated with love, compassion and patience. Gradually they turn from raw sand into a valuable pearl. Every kid has talent and every kid is precious”.

Master Hui Re, director at ACC Blantyre, also emphasized on the importance of education: “Two years after we established ACC Blantyre, we built our own primary school and now we are planning on building our own high school. The teaching of knowledge, moral values and artistic skills are vitally important in cultivating the orphans. A sound environment to learn is the foundation to achieve our goal.” Master Hui Re said.