Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2010-03-10 Master Hui Li gives inspiring lecture to youth

“Dealing with difficulties and sufferings is the most precious lesson we can learn in our lives”, this was Venerable Hui Li’s core message in a lecture he presented at a university in Taiwan on 4th March 2010. Speaking on the topic “Reaching every corner of Earth with love and compassion”, Master Hui Li told students about his special affinity with Africa which inspired him to build Amitofo Care Centre and serve Africa for 5 consecutive lifetimes.

Africa – Filled with endless possibilities2010-03-10C.jpg

Africa is often associated with poverty, under-development and conflict but Master Hui Li told a different story based on his 20 years experience in Africa. He said, “Africa is a huge continent with 53 countries, most of which exceed the size of Taiwan. Although Africa is in deep poverty, its abundant reserve of natural resources such as oil, steel and minerals can lead them to endless future possibilities.”

From a religious point of view, there are also great potential to propagate Buddhism in Africa. Master Hui Li feels that people in Africa are more opened and adaptable to the Buddhist teachings as they understand that Master Hui Li is not there to invade on their beliefs, but rather to foster their culture and spiritual beings through the teaching of fundamental principles in Buddhism. This kind of openness is essential in helping them to enlighten themselves.

2010-03-10A.jpgACC cares for orphans holistically

Master Hui Li explained that Malawi has over 13 million people with 40% of population infected with HIV and AIDS. Among other issues such as water shortage and poor living conditions, this leads to an alarmingly low life expectancy of 37 in Malawi. In ACC alone, many newly arrived orphans often have existing health problems ranging from skin diseases to the more problematic AIDS, all of which lead to high medical costs at ACC. Master Hui Li realized that this is not sustainable and a more proactive approach is needed to tackle this issue. Hence he introduced several activities such as Kung Fu training to strengthen the immune system of the orphans while they learn about this ancient art of China. This is just one way to improve their well-beings. Other activities including chanting also help them in improving their focus and spiritual well-beings.

When asked about the future of the orphans in ACC, Master Hui Li is of the opinion that the Chinese market will continue to expand and influence the global economy in the foreseeable future. By teaching the orphans how to write and read Chinese, ACC is already equipping them with a special skill – a skill which many Chinese organizations have already expressed their interest in. “And of course, they are more than welcomed to stay at ACC and help this international organization to grow.” Master Hui Li added.


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Although working in Africa is tough, he remains confident that his love and compassion will continue to influence others and help the organization grow. “When you’re in Africa, sometimes there is no path to walk on and this is when you have to walk out your own path.” He encouraged the students to go to Africa and physically support ACC as the organization needs human resources to grow. “It is a challenging and difficult environment to operate in and therefore it’s vitally important to stay positive. Moving away from despair is the best way to live in this world.”