Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a Buddhist orphanage home dedicated to help Africa with Buddhism

2010-07-30 ACC learners shine at World Expo 2010

_558D570A-0B08-41AF-A546-A2244A086095__s_DSC_1871.JPGAt the beginning of 2010, the World Expo sent an official letter to Amitofo Charity Association, inviting the learners at the care centre to attend and perform in this prestigious event. ACC accepted the invitation with the view to support cultural exchange between Africa and the rest of the world. ACC, who promotes both cultures at the centre, seems like the perfect candidate for such meaningful event.

The performance by ACC at the World Expo consisted of 3 parts: African dancing and music; Chinese music; and Chinese martial arts. Many participants were blown away by their amazing multi-talented performance. When asked about their abilities, ACC always explains the reason why these activiteis are being promoted at the care centre.

Firstly, all learners at ACC are Africans hence it is vitally important for them to know and understand their own culture. Using music and dancing is a good way to achieve that as they form an integral part of the African culture. They also serve as an easy tool for the learners to promote their own heritage.

Secondly, Chinese martial art is used at the care centre as a form of balancing act to enhance well-being within one-self. The lack of basic necessities and medical facility in Malawi means that should a leaner fall ill, it can become very problematic. Therefore based on the principle of ‘prevention is better than cure’, martial art is taught at the care centre to strength the learners' immune system. And when combined with Zen meditation, it enhances their mentality as well.

Thirdly, learning Chinese is beneficial for the learners as this language is becoming more widely spoken all over the world. It also gives the learners a confidence boost as they get to learn a language which many find difficult to learn.

All in all, their presence at the World Expo made a huge difference as participants got a taste of what can be achieved through generous cultural exchange.